Who Are We?

We are long-time Diablo 2 fans who have played since its original launch. We have always enjoyed theorycrafting and analyzing the game.


We hope this site serves as a reliable companion while you play Diablo 2: Resurrected. D2 is a game with tons of items, little quirks, and fine details. It has been picked apart by players for over 20 years, and with the release of the D2 remaster, we saw an opportunity to contribute to the D2 community using modern technology and game knowledge. We aim to provide accurate and complete information in consolidated form, and provide easy-to-use tools which enable players to strategize.

Item Database

Our items page allows users to dynamically filter, search, and sort. The goal of this tool is to comprehensively pull together all possible items into one place, including affixes/stats/mods, and any other useful details that are known. Quickly view exactly what you want by selecting as many or as few options as desired.

For example:

  • Browse all Unique Elite one-handed weapons which are usable by the Barbarian class.
  • See which runewords can be made in the five socketed Phase Blade you just found.
  • See all valid Elite base items for the Obedience runeword.
  • Get a list of all items that can have at least 25% faster cast rate so that your character can hit the next casting breakpoint.
  • Filter by level requirement to plan your "low level dueler" gear.
  • Sort by a stat to see which items have the most on a given slot.

Future Plans

We plan to add more features if community demand supports it. Ideas for future additions include trading, shop/gambling/crafting calculators, character builders, among others.


Please don't hesitate to contact us. Tell us about your experience using the site. If you notice something missing or isn't quite accurate, please let us know.